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Ethiopia’s growth miracle, coupled with its large population and significant land mass, has attracted the attention of many international companies. Over the last ten years, the country has achieved double-digit growth.

Ethiopia’s economy is still young with a vast untapped resources and a range of investment opportunities. Sugarcane, horticulture,  forestry (including rubber tree plantation, fiber crops: (cotton, jute) animal husbandry etc.

The total land area coverage is about 111.5 million ha, of which 74.3 million ha is suitable for agriculture. Eighteen major agro-ecological zones have been identified in the country, and over 3 million ha land has been made available for investment. Ethiopia offers one of the largest and most diverse agricultural investment opportunities in the continent.

Investment Opportunities in Sugar Development Sector

  • Ethanol Production;
  • Animal Feed Production/ using biomass & molasses/;
  • Sugar & Sugar bi-products such as candy, chocolate, biscuits, etc;
  • cattle Fattening

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