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Event Programme

Monday 25th June (08:00- 16:00)

Field visit to Wonji Shoa Sugar Factory (transportation will be provided)

  1. Day 1 / June, 26
  2. Day 2 / June, 27
  3. Day 3 / June, 28
08:00- 09:00

Registration of Participants

UNECA - Conference Room 2
09:00- 09:40

Keynote Speech

Mr. Endawek Abite / CEO of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation and
Mr. José Orive / ISO Executive Director
09:40- 10:00

Opening Speech

His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Abitew / With The rank of Minister, Director-general of policy study and research center and chairman of Board of Directors of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation
10:00- 10:15
10:15 –12:30

Main topic: International Workshop “Development, Opportunities in sugar and by-products”
Local Speakers

Mr. Tadesse Negi, *
“Sugar Industry Development and Investment”
Dr.Eng. Abubeker Yimam, Dean, School of Chemical and Bio Engineering, AAiT, AAU and President, Ethiopian Society of Chemical Engineers
“Sugar Industry by-product based Biorefinery Development in Ethiopia”
14:30-17: 00

International Speakers
Sharing the Moroccan experience of development

Mr. Mohammed Fikrat / Chief Executive Officer, COSUMAR, Morocco

World Market Outlook with special focus on Ethiopia

Mr. Tom Secretan / Chief Sugar Analyst at ED&F Man, UK

BMA’s experience with expanding technology in Africa

Mr. Abdellah El Hamoumi / Senior Manager, BMA Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG, Germany

Green Data (TBC)

Mr. Jérémie Wainstain / CEO, Green Data

Welcome Cocktail

Hosted by Minister of Public Enterprises Ambassador Teshome Toga, CEO of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation Mr. Endawek Abite, ISC Chairman and ISO Executive Director, Mr. José Orive
09:30 -13:00
 Note: Transport will be provided for delegates to and from their hotel to the conference venue
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